At Secure24, our values are the foundation of everything we do. We’re constantly striving to ensure the safety and security of everyone in our care and the Secure24 team. Our values have, therefore, become a fundamental part of who we are. 

Our commitment to compassion, attitude, skills, and desire has not only contributed to our decision-making and overall success but has also acted as a compass that guides our actions, making us the leading, secure ambulance service we’re known for. 

Keep reading to learn more about our values as a private ambulance and transport service and how we achieve this through our work! 

Our Values at Secure24 

Our values are essential in providing the services that we do, and we ensure all of our staff abide by and uphold them at all times. Being patient-centred, it’s important to have values in place to empower and equip our team to handle sensitive and challenging situations.

Here are the fundamental standards we follow on a day-to-day basis and what they mean to us: 


Safety is at the forefront of our field. We leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing the highest standards of safety. From our mental health ambulances and ward assist services to the exceptional training of our staff, we’re equipped with the resilience, knowledge and physical readiness to persevere in all situations. 

Our established and practised protocols are crucial in handling every situation with expertise and efficiency. An example is our celled private mental health ambulances, designed with an innovative, reinforced Perspex-screened cell facility which allows us to adhere to patient dignity, inclusion, and safety regulations. 


Our Secure24 team always strives to achieve the highest standards of performance and quality. All of our staff are professionally trained and strictly follow legislation and industry guidance, ensuring that they understand and mitigate potential risks associated with their work while also carrying out their duties compassionately. 

We consistently surpass expectations and are always looking to improve our service delivery, skills, and personal development in every way that we can.


Working in mental health and ambulance services requires a high degree of compassion at all times. That’s why one of our top values is showing kindness and genuine concern for the wellbeing of our patients, colleagues, and everyone we encounter. 

Through our vast experience, we’ve been able to build meaningful connections and strong relationships and support those who need it most.


At Secure24, we’re united through community. We all share a sense of togetherness and embrace our common goals, values, and interests to foster mutual support. By working together, we can uphold all of our other values.


Working within our sector, we always aim to demonstrate consideration, esteem, and acknowledgement for the rights, boundaries, beliefs, and values of others. 

Respect is one of our core values because it involves treating others with courtesy, fairness, and dignity. This is important because we constantly work with clients and patients from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we value diversity and actively listen to others’ perspectives.


With a cumulative experience of over 50 years in providing secure ambulance services and solutions, we’ve truly learnt how to step into someone else’s shoes and demonstrate what it means and feels like to care.

Empathy enables us to build meaningful connections with those we’re supporting, which allows us to put them at ease even in the most difficult of situations.

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