Our secure services are available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. If you or your organisation are not in contract with Secure24 dont worry, we can still manage your requirements. Our team will ask a range of questions to establish authorisation, once established we can respond your needs, whatever they may be, we are here to work with and support you.

Patient Transport

Hospital Transfers and Repatriation

Transferring service users is a daily occurrence for many organisations. Our trained staff will provide reliable and professional services ensuring transfers are safe and efficient. We also provide repatriation services for those who are discharged from hospital following successful treatment and need to go home or to a preferred destination.

136 Suite Response

Our teams at Secure24 are experienced in responding to 136 suites and managing the subsequent transfer requirements of service users following their assessment.

Warrant Executions

On behalf of the local AMHP service, our secure technicians undertake an essential role in the multi-agency approach to issuing Warrants for the purpose of sectioning or recalling service users, usually from their place of residence. Our teams will then convey the service user to a designated place of safety for appropriate treatment.

Children and Young Persons

All S24 staff are trained in Level 3 Safeguarding of Children and Young Persons. The organisation follows comprehensive policies and procedures surrounding the conveyance of children and young persons. We also have the capacity to provide mixed gender teams daily and are well experienced in managing sensitive tasks.

Court Appearances

Service Users who fall within the forensic category are likely to attend court during their detention under the Mental Health Act. Our teams will work with you to ensure transport provided is secure and safe for all involved. At S24 all our secure ambulances have built in Home Office Approved Category B cells to satisfy requirements set by the Ministry of Justice.

Police Custody

People who are detained by the Police under section 135 or 136 of the Mental Health Act will often be taken to their local Police Custody suite. When requested, it is our focus to ensure our response times are quick to ensure service users can be moved to a more appropriate place of safety without unnecessary delay.

A&E Transfers

Secure24 can provide secure transport for organisations who need to admit services users to accident and emergency departments. Our teams will remain with the service user until they have been discharged. If service users are admitted overnight our operations team will liaise with the care team to consider implementing our Bed Watch service.

Outpatient Appointments

It is not uncommon for service users who are detained under the mental health act to attend outpatient appointments. In order to achieve this safely and securely, we will provide the necessary support to accompany the service user to their appointment.

International Repatriation

At Secure24 have now successful managed a number of international repatriations from Ireland to Spain and France. If you need to repatriate a service user please speak to our operations team who have experience in handling complex journeys.

Bed Watch / Observation

Our bed watch service also known as observation is just that. Our teams will stay with a service user to monitor them, keep them safe and provide reassurance. The provision of this service can mitigate staffing pressures whereby otherwise staff would be taken away from their duties to monitor services users outside their ward.

Restraint Teams

Secure24 are renowned for providing highly trained staff who are thoroughly practiced in applying restrictive measures. We are experienced in managing high risk service users and violent person scenarios. Our teams can also support you in delivering IM medication, entering seclusion cells and dealing with challenging behaviour.