If you are in need of secure patient transport or require more advanced secure ambulance solutions, Secure24 provide friendly and safe interventions for people of all risks. Our professional services are designed to work with you, around the clock, to support people with Mental Health illnesses, challenging behaviours, learning disabilities or those who require protective supervision for other reason(s).

In balance with your activity levels, we have 4 different service plans with economic advantages all providing the highest standards of care. Our plans can be tailored to your service needs so please be sure to talk these through with a member of our team. We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.

Did you know… Our staff are trained in the receipt and scrutiny of documents including section forms, this means our teams can competently handle section papers with out the need for your staff to travel with us, thus reducing the impact on your staffing levels.

Please find below an overview of the different types of transport we support on a daily basis. If your requirements don’t match any of the below activity please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Activity Provided

Please find below in alphabetical order a list of activity that we undertake on a regular basis;

siren icon 135(1) and 135(2) Warrants

We play an essential role in the multi-agency approach to detain/recover people subject to the Mental Health act, conveying them to/between Places of Safety for assessment/treatment. Once a Warrant has been authorised, our crew will meet with the clinical team and Police to effect the Warrant.

If entry to a property is refused, if required, our High Secure team can support entry under the supervision of a constable thanks to our Method of Entry training.

people icon 136 Support

Once a person is detained under section 136 of the Mental Health act, our team will meet with the Police and complete a Transfer of Authority form. The person can then be conveyed by Secure24 to a Place of Safety for assessment. Our teams will liaise with the AMHP/ Crisis team and can stay with the service user if required.

ambulance-right icon A&E Admission

Our teams will ensure a responsive service to transfer the service user as quickly as possible, remain with them, and return them when they are discharged. Should the service user be admitted over night, we will liaise with the clinical team to ensure ongoing supervision is arranged.

sleeping icon Bed Watch services (staff support)

If you require additional support to supervise service users who require a stay in hospital or, to support your ward in times of staff shortages, our services can help alleviate these pressures. Contact our operations team for more information.

parent-and-child icon Children and Young Persons

All our staff are L2 trained in safeguarding and we can provide mixed or same gender teams experienced in dealing with sensitive or complex situations. 

cuffs icon Control and Restraint teams

Secure24 are renowned for providing highly trained staff with a range of restrictive equipment and PPE. Our staff are thoroughly practiced in control and restraint manoeuvres and in a range of challenging scenarios. We are experienced in managing high risk situations including violent persons and method of entry. We are also trained in the soft restraint ‘safer handling system’ comprising of soft-cuffs and body belts. These can securely, but comfortably, restrict physical aggression that may otherwise cause harm to the service user or others.

court icon Court Apperances

Throughout the year we escort a number of service users to and from court hearings and sentencing. We have experience in handling cases with the Ministry of Justice and will work with you to make sure arrivals are prompt and ensure the correct level of secure transport is provided

ambulance-left icon Challenging Behaviour

When a service user becomes highly disruptive it may not be safe for your staff to approach them. Our High Secure teams can provide high level support and respond to these situations to support you. They wear and carry specialist PPE and will respond quickly, regain control and hand the situation back to you safely.

hospital icon Hospital Transfers including Care Homes

Our trained staff will provide reliable and professional services ensuring transfers are safe and efficient. We can accommodate both local and out of area transfers. Subject to a risk assessment we can also transfer multiple service users within our stand secure ambulances which can be particularly useful for group appointments or day trips.

mother icon Mother and Baby

These movements can be delicate and require great levels of care and empathy. All our vehicles are suitable to carry mother and baby and we have baby seats that can be provided when appropriate notice is given.

stethoscope icon Outpatient Appointments

Our crews will liaise with your team and make sure the correct paper work is in place before they safely escort the service user to their appointment. Our staff will wait with the service user ensuring their security and return them safely.

jail icon Prison Transfers

We have developed working relationships with the prison service and now work with a number of HMP and private prisons with regard to their prisoners who experience mental health challenges. We can transport prisoners from prions to hospital and back to prison when they are fit to be returned. 

travel icon Repatriation and International Repatriation

We provide repatriation services for those who are discharged from hospital. We have also successfully managed a number of international repatriations from Ireland to Spain and France. Our operations team will be pleased to help with any repatriation requirements.

laptop icon Specialist Requirements

Specialist requirements account can for anything else. If you have a requirement you wish to discuss that we have not listed please contact our team. There will be little we won’t be able to help with.

id-card icon Supervised Visitations

We can provide safe and secure transport for supervised visitations, particularly for children and vulnerable people. Where applicable our staff can remain with the person throughout their visit ensuring it remains safe.

Teams and Vehicle Types

All our staff are enhanced DBS checked and re-checked every 6 months. In order to deliver the most appropriate support we provide 2 teams that work in a different levels of secure ambulance, these are;

SV2 - SV3 - SV4

The SV2 is Secure24’s standard secure ambulance. In contrast to the SV1 the SV2 does not have a care cell facility and has limited space, equipment and PPE. However, it’s compact and security focused design maintains an overall secure approach for safe and comfortable transportation. The SV2 can facilitate the conveyance of heightened levels of challenging behaviour however, subject to risks it may be more appropriate to deploy the SV1 as an alternative due to it increased capabilities.

The SV3 is Secure24’s stretcher vehicle. This standard patient transport stretched ambulance can also take wheelchairs.

The SV2-3-4 are usually crewed with 2 staff but staffing levels can be increased if required.


The SV1 is Secure24’s leading and most versatile secure ambulance, carrying a range of specialist equipment to support its trained crew even in the most difficult of circumstances. With emergency response capability and its innovative integrated care cell facility, the SV1 and its staff are mostly utilised in responding to those with challenging behaviour and high levels of violence.

That said, the SV1 is also designed to accommodate the most vulnerable, providing a supporting and comfortable environment that delivers the highest standards of care without compromising safety. The SV1 provides a secure solution across the entire risk spectrum including contamination. It also has sensory features such as mood lighting and media output to offer greater levels of comfort.

The SV1 is usually crewed with 2-3 staff but staffing levels can be increased if required.