Private ambulance services play a critical role in the healthcare industry, ensuring that patients receive timely and efficient care wherever they are.

A report found that in the last two years, the number of category-one ambulance incidents (the most serious) has increased. This, coupled with the fact that response times to such incidents are higher than the target figure, shows that the need for private ambulance services is more important than ever.

NHS and private hospital staff are often thrust into responding to mental health emergencies without the specialist training needed to manage the crisis at hand. This can have a significant impact on staff morale and safety, and it also hinders the optimal level of care the patient receives.

In an attempt to combat this, the UK Government pledged £150 million in 2023 to support individuals experiencing mental health crises so they could receive the correct care and support in a setting best suited to them.

Secure24 is on hand to offer a bespoke non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) service to those in need of mental health care nationwide. Keep reading to learn more about Secure24 and how our private ambulance service is available to help individuals and organisations in a mental health-related emergency. 

How Secure24 is Available to Help

At Secure24, our non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) mental health transport services play a critical role in supporting the NHS and private hospitals, reducing the pressure on hospital staff, and allowing them to return to their primary duties.

We prioritise the comfort, safety, and dignity of mental health patients throughout and especially cater to individuals who need secure care during transportation.

We operate nationwide to deliver support for individuals wherever they are. From London, Manchester, and Birmingham to Cardiff, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, we provide the Right Care, Right Person approach to ensure individuals receive the attention and care they need while en route.

We recognise that each patient’s requirements differ from transfer to transfer. Our team is trained to meet the unique challenges associated with mental health illnesses and other complex needs and provide personalised care to ensure a smooth and stress-free patient-centred experience.

Our Control and Dispatch (CAD) team coordinates seamlessly with healthcare facilities, the NHS, hospitals, and local authorities to provide an efficient and well-managed service. The control room can quickly mobilise our fleet of vehicles and trained crew and keep all parties informed, reducing delays and removing any confusion surrounding the transport. This coordinated effort allows our wider team to provide timely support to mental health patients and ensure they receive the correct levels of care they need.

On top of this, our entire team undergoes specific training sessions in mental health care. We work alongside Riska, our approved training partner, to continue equipping our staff with the necessary expertise and skills to excel in their roles.

Given the nature of our work and the environment we work in, strict adherence to regulations and safety protocols is vital. Our professionally trained staff are well-versed in understanding and mitigating the risks associated with their work, helping to create a safe environment for our patients, other individuals involved, and our staff themselves.

Additionally, there are times when patients who have been admitted to the hospital require constant supervision to prevent self-harm, escape attempts, or any distress they may cause. This is when our ward assist and secure care services come into hand to help ease the workload on hospital staff. 

To provide our ward assist service, our staff have undergone enhanced DBS checks and hold qualifications in safeguarding level 2 for both adults and children. This, coupled with the training in risk prevention, helps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all patients under our care.

Our NEPT can also be used to transport individuals to all types of medical appointments. Some examples include routine check-ups, specialist consultations, and follow-up visits, provided the patient meets the eligibility criteria and requires secure transport.

What Our Clients Think

Everything about Secure24 is bespoke, and our entire working practices have been crafted over the years.

The feedback given to us by our clients helps us refine our service, and it’s by listening to patients and healthcare feedback it helps us grow and develop our services.

Sara Reeve, Logistics Coordinator East Surrey Hospital NHS Trust

Secure24 is our number-one provider for transporting our sectioned patients. We always get a swift response when making a booking, and crews keep us updated on ETAs. The crews treat our patients with care and compassion, and they are meticulous about ensuring all paperwork is accurate and complete. The vehicles are clean and have all the equipment to make journeys comfortable, practical, and even ‘enjoyable’ with films, etc. Secure24’s ‘can-do’ approach makes for a good experience for all those involved.

Stuart Burt, Approved Mental Health Professional East Surrey AMHP Team

Our team has had the pleasure of using Secure24 for over 12 months, and we have only had positive experiences in some extremely challenging circumstances. The staff members clearly receive excellent training. They have always been empathic and organised and have listened carefully to the advice and guidance of the different professionals involved in the Mental Health Act assessments they have participated in. 

The few times additional interventions have been required, they have been proportionate and respectful. I would recommend Secure24 to any organisation that requires an extremely professional and effective service.

We operate nationwide, so no matter where you are, you can be sure to contact Secure24 for professional, compassionate, and supportive care throughout your mental health-related challenges and if you require non-emergency patient transport.

If you find yourself in locations such as London, Manchester, or Edinburgh and require a private ambulance or mental health transport, you can count on Secure24.

Contact our control team at to book. If you need to contact us, you can do so by calling 0330 320 1159 or emailing us at


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