Our Values

Secure24 is committed to providing the highest possible standards of service and performance. To achieve this we have founded the following principles and standards of professional behaviour. It is these values that provide the foundations of our success, safe and secure services, and our drive to exceed expectations and raise our industry standards.

Statement of Purpose

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care and performance across the NHS and private sector, responding to those in need with mental illness, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and those with other care or complex needs, remaining impartial to their conditions and circumstances as we help connect their pathways to recovery.

To achieve our objectives our staff will be approachable at all times and act with integrity, empathy and courteousness, demonstrating respect for the human rights of all, and an understanding of the different conditions affecting those we work with.

We will ensure our staff are trained to the appropriate levels to maximise safety and dignity. In identifying and managing risk, we will seek to achieve successful outcomes and to reduce the risk of harm to individuals. Faced with challenges, we will be professional, calm and restrained, and will apply only that force which is necessary to accomplish our aims.

We will continue to develop our skills, listening to the views of those we work with, and with a willingness to learn from the feedback of our service users, clients and employees.

Our commitment is to deliver a service the leads, one that our clients and those we support can be proud of and trust, adding to the success and safety of those we work with.

Standards of professional behaviour

In order for us to maintain our commitment to excellence we adhere to a the following standard of professional behaviour.;

  1. Honesty and integrity

    We will be honest and act with integrity at all times, and will not compromise or abuse its position.

  2. Authority, respect and courtesy

    We will act with control and tolerance, treating service users and colleagues with respect and courtesy. It will use its powers and authority lawfully and proportionately, and will respect the rights of all individuals.

  3. Equality and diversity

    We will act with fairness and impartiality. It will not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly.

  4. Use of force

    We will only use force as part of its role and responsibilities, and only to the extent that it is necessary, proportionate and reasonable in all the circumstances.

  5. Orders and instructions

    We will ensure all Policies, Procedures and Regulations are adhered to amongst its workforce. It will give reasonable instructions only, and will follow all reasonable instructions.

  6. Tasks and responsibilities

    We will be diligent in the exercise of its tasks and responsibilities.

  7. Confidentiality

    We will treat information with respect, and access or disclose it only in the proper course of its duties.

  8. Fitness for work

    Where applicable we will ensure that all personal are fit to carry out their role responsibilities.

  9. Conduct

    We will monitor staff conduct when on duty, to make sure that individual or group behaviour does not bring discredit to, or undermine public confidence in Secure24.

  10. Challenging and reporting improper behaviour

    We will report, challenge or take action against the conduct of colleagues or others which has fallen below the standards of professional behaviour.

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