Welcome to Secure24

We are a trusted secure ambulance service delivering professional and appropriate care for people with mental health illnesses, challenging behaviour, complex needs and other areas of care requiring a secure approach.

We form part of a multi-agency approach working in collaboration with the NHS, private Hospital groups, local Authorities, Social Care groups and the Justice system. Our 24/7 service is highly experienced and trained, ready to respond to any situation and supporting all persons of any age and background, including children.

Maintaining the highest standards of care and safety is at the forefront of what we do, with our professional training and access to our specialist teams and secure ambulances, we can work with you to identify and mitigate risks, making sure you have the right service to support your requirements.

Working around the clock to support you

Acute & PICU

Working with services to support people in need of intensive care.


Delivering high standards of understanding and protection.


Supporting Low Medium and High secure services.

Learning Disabilities

Working with people who have intellectual disability.


Connecting the pathway to recovery.

How we support you

The following guidance will help you understand and identify which teams would be most appropriate to manage your activity risks;

LNR Team

Low - No Risk

The LNR team is be best suited to supporting activity which is measured as Low or No Risk. Service users in this category would not be considered a risk to themselves and others and, if there is perceived risk the probability of the risks arising would be highly unlikely.

ARU Team

Any Risk - Unknown

The ARU team is trained and equipped to manage all levels of activity measured as Any Risk or Unknown. Service users in this category would be considered a risk to themselves and others and, the probability of the risks arising would be likely or highly likely.

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We build lasting relationships

Discover how we can work together to achieve the highest standards of service to meet your needs. Here are a handful of services we support…


Said they were very satisfied with our service


Were extremely satisfied with Secure24 staff


Thought we were somewhat better than other Secure Transport providers


Said we were an extremely professional organisation

Working Together for Safety

Safe Effective Caring Responsive Well-lead

Quote Mark
I just had to email you to say how hugely impressed I was with S24 who came to collect a patient at a MHA assessment, they were both just hugely friendly, calm, professional. They made a difficult situation much easier.
Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS
Quote Mark
We have only had positive experiences in some extremely challenging circumstances. The staff members clearly receive excellent training and they have always been empathic.
East Surrey AMHP Team
Quote Mark
Our patients are treated with care and compassion by the crews. The ‘Can do’ approach by all the Secure 24, make for a good experience for all those involved.
Logistics Coordinator East Surrey Hospital NHS Trust
Quote Mark
Right from the beginning they were kind, gentle and considerate and explained everything to me in advance in order to put my mind at ease. I would like to thank them with all my heart for being amazing that night.
Service user

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